Black And White Underwear, For Simple Sophistication

Black and white pairs of underwear tend to be written off as “basic” — the pairs you wear on lazy days when you just don’t care how you look. Maybe it’s your off day from the gym, or your S.O. is away on a business trip. Time to break out the black and white underwear? Not necessarily. Because as simplistic as black and white underwear appears to be, it can just as easily be refined and modern.

Black underwear is the most popular color of men’s underwear. The Underwear Expert survey revealed 20% of men to prefer black underwear over other colors. Just as a little black dress is a woman’s fashion staple, a little black brief — or trunk — should be found in every man’s top drawer. Black is appropriate for any occasion and pairs easily with just about any outfit. Black is also flattering. No matter how you cut it, any man looks good in a slimming pair of black underwear. Whether the black is made sporty with mesh — or naughty with sheer — is up to him. But while black dominated our survey, white underwear didn’t even place.

Most men stray from white underwear for one reason: it never stays white. And off-white underwear? No thank you. Still, a stark, sharp pair of white underwear is as classic a look as any. Modern underwear designs use white as a fashionable statement, usually accented in ways that truly brighten the white. Forget “whitie tightie” and its negative connotation. There are plenty of trend-setting pairs of white underwear on the market. Simply combine with the proper washing methods for a timeless look.

For this Underwear Expert exclusive photo shoot, photographer Jerrad Matthew captures model Steven Dehler in pairs of white underwear. Black pairs of underwear are worn by Tyler Bartel.

Do black and white pairs of underwear reign supreme in your underwear drawer? How many of your hot pairs of underwear are black or white? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew for The Underwear Expert

Models: Steven Dehler (white), Tyler Bartel (black)


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