Review: Good Devil Mesh Pouch Bikini Makes The Cut-Out

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Item reviewed: Good Devil Mesh Pouch Bikini

About the product: The Good Devil Mesh Pouch Bikini is a white mesh brief with a contrasting grey pouch. Made from 95% nylon and 5% spandex, the brief features an athletic mesh on the pouch, and a more sheer mesh for the rest of the underwear body. The style is low-rise, and the black accent waistband provides a snug, comfortable fit. Other color options include black/royal blue and royal blue/white.

What we like: The brief has a superb fit overall. However, the room in the pouch provided for an almost perfect fit. The Good Devil Mesh Pouch Bikini is also designed with a sexy cut-out. The pouch is separated from the waistband in front, providing a little tease for the brief. The cut-out also allows the pouch to hang a bit lower. The sheer mesh is also very sexy, and makes for a great see-through look.

When we’d wear them: This is definitely a club, evening event, or date night brief. It would feel and look great under dress slacks or jeans, and would allow for plenty of movement all night long. The mesh would keep things comfortable as well as stylish for the late evening.

Who we’d recommend them to: We would recommend them to anyone who wants to flaunt some sex appeal. These are definitely the type of briefs that leave a guy feeling good and confident. And although the styling is modern and edgy, all ages could wear them comfortably.

In three words: Sexy. Airy. Enhancing.


For more information on this brand: Good Devil

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Product Supplied by Good Devil


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