What Style Turned 80, And Was Pretty Much Invented By Jockey?

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Men’s briefs are turning 80 this month, but someone else is getting all of the presents. To celebrate the style’s 80th anniversary, underwear brand Jockey is hosting the “80th Anniversary of the Brief Lottery.” And what does the winner receive? Count them, 80 pairs of Jockey briefs. What’s even better is they get to choose the size, and the style.

The brief first hit retail shelves on January 19, 1935, in Chicago’s Marshall Field’s department store. By the end of the day, people had already picked over the window displays and 600 pairs had been sold; In the first three months, 30,000 pairs. Eight decades later, briefs are the second most popular style of men’s underwear, second only to boxer briefs. Their bikini swimsuit-inspired design was embraced with an overwhelming welcome, and from then on, the brief became a staple in men’s underwear.

For the brief’s 80th anniversary, Jockey intends to #embracethebrief again. And not just by giving away 80 pairs to one lucky winner. Every day, the first 80 people who sign up for the 80th Anniversary of the Brief Lottery will receive a mini brief key chain. It’s free to enter, and a new way to show someone your fondness of underwear!

Go to the Jockey 80th Anniversary of the Brief Lottery page and sign up for you change to win a free pair of underwear. You can also go to Jockey’s blog for an more detailed, yet still brief history of the brief.

Are briefs your preferred style of underwear? Are you crossing your fingers for the 80 pairs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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