French Underwear Brands Creating Coutour

It may be a stereotype, that the French have exquisite taste and an eye for style. Even so, these French underwear brands prove there is some truth to the idea. Their couture creations cover similar ground as brands from around the world, but with a touch à la Français.

Brands such as Les Insurgés and Le Slip Français make underwear basics that come in timeless styles. They both have solid colored boxers and simple patterns that are handsomely understated. French underwear brand Pull-In is more adamant about their patterns, and gives brands like Frank Dandy and Björn Borg a run for their money.

Then there are brands such as HOM and Petit Q. These guys are where French-inspired sexy is at. They make us think of the Eiffel Tower, and not the landmark. If French is the language of love, then surely French underwear is the clothing of love. If not love, then at least sex.

Do you own any pairs of underwear made French brands? Even been to France and bought underwear as a souvenir? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: HOM, Le Slip Français, Les Insurgés, Petit Q, Pull-In

Photo Credit: HOM, Le Slip Francais, Les Insurgés, Petit Q, Pull-In


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