Winded With Wimberly: Upgraded Crunch

Flat, defined abs are probably the most commonly desired muscle for people who work out (and especially those who don’t). It is a tricky area to target, which is why Jason Wimberly developed this updated crunch. The movement haa 3-parts and is done with a medium-sized exercise ball. As always, your form and posture are critical. Focus on them, and chiseled abs will be within reach.

One of the best things that Jason does in his updated crunch is keeping his hands and arms up by his head or out at his sides. This allows him to better focus on his core, specifically his hip flexors. Working your hips is key to getting a flat stomach, and normal crunches can steal some of the burn from them. Still, the most intense part of Jason’s updated crunch is the last. One rep ends when you perform a crunch while simultaneously lifting the medicine ball with your legs. This one is guaranteed to burn so good.

What exercise has been the biggest help with toning your core? Did you catch Jane Lynch mentioning Jason on “The Ellen Show” earlier this week? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on Jason Wimberly: Wimberlean

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Patterson


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