Underwear Fetish: Dimitri Genco By Marco Ovando

There are many known fetishes out there in the world, but there is one that we at The Underwear Expert are very familiar with. That would be an underwear fetish, and gorgeous model Dimitri Genco shows his off in the latest photo editorial by famed photographer Marco Ovando.

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Everyone with an underwear fetish has their own personal reasons for loving it, but it usually stems from igniting one or more of the five senses. Touch, taste, smell, vision, and hearing. With some of this season’s hottest pairs of underwear, Dimitri gets up close and personal with the freshest undies we could find. To really highlight the brands of underwear Dimitri explores, Marco has shot and edited the photos in black and white, with the underwear in color.

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In nothing but fitted hats, Dimitri takes a whiff of the Watson brief from the “Miami Collection,” by Garcon Model. He then plays around with some looks from Puma and C-IN2. A touch of the Papi Waves Euro Trunk has him going wild. Bread & Boxers, it seems, comes with premium elasticity. He has to slip a pair of 2(X)IST off that brilliant booty to give the undies a taste test. Dimitri ends the day playing around with a pair of Contrast Bikini Briefs from Baskit and trunks from Wood.

Do you have an underwear fetish? Which of these pairs would you want to test out after Dimitri? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando


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