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The Timoteo Atletico Collection runs along a similar track as other collections from the brand, thanks to its athletic-inspired color blocking and versatility in style. The collection has four different ones — a super low brief ($22), jock brief ($22), jockstrap ($22), and trunk ($28). Treated with either blue, red, or orange color options, the set is always painted like your new favorite team.

It goes without saying that the Atletico jockstrap is the most revealing style in the collection, little more than a pouch, waistband, and straps. The trunk covers you the most while providing your rear with a body-hugging fit.

For its color options, the red is easily the most edgy. It is paired with black and white, and would make an intimidating jersey. The orange is the lightest, the most likely to be a good sport. He is paired with blue and grey. The blue look is the strong one though, paired with black and white. It is dark and bold, and could maybe just win the game.

The Timoteo Atletico Collection is available in sizes S-XL, and comes in blue, red, and orange.

Which of the color options do you think has the best athletic stripes? Do you like your underwear to have a lot of coverage, or hardly any? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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