Sitcom Underwear, For Your Uncandid Laughter

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Primetime, cable access, net video, you name it there’s only one result when it comes to Sitcom Underwear and that’s straight comedy. Whether it’s classic Sitcom Underwear clips from back in the day, or up-to-date clips from current talk shows, nothing gets a laugh more than seeing the stars we let into our homes once a week strutting their stuff in their skivvies.

Check out our choice collection of 10 happy, hilarious, and hot(?) sitcom underwear clips.

“The Middle” reminds us just exactly what we were like when we were teens. Asleep … in boxers.


Watching aliens pretending to be human was funny already, but seeing them do underwear gags. Priceless.


“I’m Larry David and I happen to enjoy wearing women’s panties.”  Enough said!


Even though he is a cartoon (and therefore relegated to our last collection of clips) we feel like, when it comes to television icons in their underwear, no one beats Homer Simpson.


Will Ferrel in his underwear is old news. But we’re quite impressed with his fashionable blue briefs with white piping. Stylish! Who knew?


Ahh, “Boy Meets World.” Finding ways to make us feel embarrassed even when we’re just watching the show.


Remember the early 90’s when awkward humor of attractive underwear-clad twenty-somethings was blockbuster material?


We’re with Mitch and Cam on this one. If James Marsden showed up in a bathing suit in our hot tub, we’d feel exactly the same. He can stay.


Bet you didn’t know that Cosmo Kramer was an underwear model for Calvin Klein. Well, now you know!


And last but certainly not least our old pal PeeWee Herman. Making TV fun since 1982.

Do you have a favorite? Got any TV sitcom underwear memories we are forgetting?  let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Video Credits: Youtube


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