Ergowear Max Incopper Boxer Offers Clean Style

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Item Reviewed: Ergowear Max Incopper Boxer – White

About The Product: Ergowear specializes in creating ergonomic underwear and swimwear for men. The Max series features a 3-dimensional protruding closed-pouch to hold the sack and shaft away from the body for enhanced look and comfort. The boxer briefs are topped with a 1.25-inch white band with the brand name written on the front left side in beige. The body of the boxers are cream colored with horizontal beige pinstripes and made from Incopper, a fabric developed by Ergowear.

Incopper incorporates microscopic copper particles in the polyester microfibers, which has germicidal properties that will remain active even after extensive use and washes. The material breakdown is cotton (70%), Incopper polyester (22%), and elastane (8%).

What We Like: The anti-microbial properties of the underwear are unique and reassure the wearer they are only cultivating good vibes down there. The material is highly flexible thanks to the elastane and great for activity and movement; there is no slipping or bunching with these. Also, it comes with a sticker. Stickers are always fun.

What We Didn’t Like: Because the package has its own pouch, there was some minor rubbing at the base of the scrotum. It did not cause any lasting discomfort.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Germaphobes, guys who sweat a lot, guys who prefer pouch-flies.

When We’d Wear Them: Trekking through the tropics. On sultry days.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Hygienic. Elastic. Enhancing.


Style: Boxer Brief
Pouch: 3-dimensional protruding closed-pouch
Rise: Mid
Coverage: Full
Fit: True-to-size
Waistband: 1 1⁄4 inch white band with “ergowear” written on the front left side in beige
Fabric: Cotton (70%), Incopper Polyester (22%), and Elastane (8%)
Retail: $32.91
Collection Colors: White, Black
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: Brief, Thong, Bikini, Boxer Brief, Compression Boxer Briefs
Collection Sizes: S-XXL
Made In: Chile

For more information on this brand: Ergowear

Photo Credit: Ergogwear

Product supplied by Ergowear


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