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Here at The Underwear Expert, we love two things. The first is underwear, that’s obvious. The second is reading. We love reading. What would you expect from a bunch of people raised on Reading Rainbow and School House Rock? So when we get an opportunity to geek out about reading, we take it, we run with it, and then we read it.

That’s why with our premier categories installment, we book-wormed it up by choosing none other than Literary Genres. From science fiction to fantasy, true crime, romance, westerns, mysteries, satire, and horror, we couldn’t help thinking about the many books in each literary genre category.

Then we couldn’t stop thinking about which underwear matched which literary genre. That’s when the fun set in. We’ve paired a bunch of our great looks with some of our favorite literary genres to bring you a feast for the eyes and mind!

What is your favorite literary genre? Did we forget any? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Nasty PigGarçon Model, N2N, Good Devil, Hanes, aussieBum, XVII, Gregg Homme, Wood.

Photo Credits: Nasty Pig, Garçon Model, N2N, Good Devil, Hanes, aussieBum, XVII, Gregg Homme, Wood


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