So You Want To Be A PUMP! Model?

PUMP! Model

A PUMP! model photo contest is happening right now on Instagram, and you could very well be the winner. The prize? A trip to Montreal for a photo shoot with Rick Day where you’ll be captured for a spot in the PUMP! 2015 calendar. If you’ve seen their 2014 calendar or any of Rick Day’s photo shoots, you know that is one hell of a prize. And a hot one at that.

Entering into the PUMP! model contest is simple enough — take off your shirt and post a selfie on Instagram. The contest is being done in collaboration with UK retailer BANG+STRIKE. It makes for the perfect hashtag too, #bangandpump. Three weeks into the competition, PUMP! and BANG+STRIKE will select the ten people with the most Instagram likes. After that, those ten will upload a second photo wearing PUMP!.

One week later, both PUMP! and BANG+STRIKE will choose a model. This means you have two chances to appear in the 2015 calendar, and of course receive some from PUMP! gear. Bring on the shirtless selfies.

If you want to enter into the PUMP! model photo contest, you can find more information here.

Check out the gallery below for some PUMP! model shots and a look at their 2014 calendar. If you went for it, what PUMP! look did you wear for your Instagram post? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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