Twinning With Andrew Christian

Slick It up holiday

Can we just say that it’s about time Andrew Christian found himself a pair of tall, dark and handsome twins? If you want to be the Hugh Hefner of the men’s underwear world, you have to have a set of twins hanging in your posse, and we think he’s totally twinning with Raymond and Richard.

We know nothing about these two yet, except that they are identical with their fit bodies, splattering of tattoos and their smooth accented voices. Oh, and we can’t forget about those gorgeous locks! From the “Someone’s Getting Naked Challenge Raymond Vs Richard,” we also find out that they are super competitive, which we wouldn’t expect anything less from a pair of sexy twins. Testing their school-yard skills in various mini challenges, these boys love to show off, especially their trash talking lips. Make sure you focus on their buff arms during the entire video too.

This video is really a win-win because no matter who losses they both look the same and we’ll get to see one or the other strip down to nothing. So take some time out of your day to watch the video below so you can say you were twinning today.

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