BTS: What Got The AC Models Hot N’ Bothered? Part 2

Maybe one of the best things about all of Andrew Christian’s videos, especially “Hot N’ Bothered,” is that we always see a group of half naked men. All of the brand’s more well-known pieces of man candy were on-hand to help renovate the home in the video. We don’t blame them for not getting the job done. We would be distracted too if our handyman crew were so good looking and hardly clothed.

Some of the best behind the scenes shots from “Hot N’ Bothered” capture multiple guys in a single frame. When Andrew Christian guys pose together, they are usually either smiling or making out with each other’s faces. And when they smile, they look like the sexiest sitcom cast possible. Throwing Andrew himself into the pool is just one of their latest antics.

You can watch the Andrew Christian “Hot N’ Bothered” video here.

Check out the gallery below for the rest of our behind the scenes look at the Andrew Christian “Hot N’ Bothered” vid. Did the video get you as hot n’ bothered as the models? Would you watch a sitcom staring AC models? Let us know by commenting below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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