Instagram Round-Up: Brandon Robert Brown

Brandon Robert Brown

Oh Brandon Robert Brown, you are such a cutie. This underwear model’s Instagram feed is a complete joy to peruse. We get to see him impeccably sculpted body more than anything, which is good. But Brandon also gives his followers some selfies from the gym, or shots of him and his boyfriend enjoying each other’s company, being all adorable and whatnot. Ugh, whatever, we aren’t jealous. This is our Instagram round up for Brandon Robert Brown, who is taken and totally handsome.

1. His happiness looks infectious


Brandon just looks like a happy guy, right off the bat. His smile is perfect, especially in the snapshot in the top left corner above. He seems like a sweetheart, and we never thought we’d see a model eating a marshmallow. But Brandon, like we said, likes to be happy.

2. Him and his boyfriend are too cute together


And this is the guy that makes him happy. Brandon and his boyfriend are both gorgeous guys, and together they look like a gym-ready power couple. Above you seem the couple grabbing a bite after a workout and enjoying a baseball game.

3. Him and his boyfriend are too cute. Stop!


Try not to be bitter looking at these pics. Brandon and the boyfriend are definitely into each other, and his man makes several appearance on Brandon’s Instagram. Here we see a kiss, a cuddle, and an ear lick?

4. He appreciates a good meme


Memes are like the little cousin of sarcasm, and Brandon Robert Brown has something of an appreciation for them. They have popped up on his Instagram twice and give us a sense of what his humor is like.

5. He makes us want to work out…


Brandon Robert Brown is obviously dedicated when it comes to his fitness, just look at that body. And if that statement above didn’t hit home, his muscles induce enough envy to get the laziest of couch potatoes on the treadmill.

6. … so we can look like him


Yeah, Brandon Robert Brown has a pretty perfect body. His chest is definied all around, that his stomach is nice and toned, his abs almost constantly flexing under his skin.

7. You can also see his transformation


The picture on the left is from 2005 and shows us a much younger BRB. He was still a cutie, but we definitely prefer him now. He has put on muscle and grown some facial hair. And that Hollister shirt is, just, no.

8. And you can also see him in bed


Of course, our favorite way to see a model is all cozied up in bed alone, or with a stuffed animal (sorry boyfriend). These shots so the softest side of Brandon Robert Brown and his super yummy, muscled chest. And just look at that grin!

Do you follow Brandon Robert Brown on Instagram? What do you think of the snapshots that made it onto our list? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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