Beach Day With Stephen James And More Model Instagram Pics

Model Stephen James

In this week’s roundup of model Instagram photos, most of our guys are having a fun time at the beach. One is model Stephen James, who looks great in a pair of shades and a beach hat. Dusty St. Amand also spent quite sometime on the beach, snapping pics of himself in his briefs.

Also this week, Colby Melvin dressed up in an outfit inspired by Comic Con. He wore a brief with body paint to look more like Angel from X-Men. Johna Myers was feeling the Marvel spirit this week as well, posing as Spiderman in a pair of white briefs.

We also caught some models snapping similar candids. Jon Varak and Barrett Pall showed off their new glasses, while Murray Swanby and Willie Gomez took you behind the scenes of some awesome haircuts.

Check out more model Instagram pics below. Who should we be following? Which of these guys do you wish popped up in your feed more? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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