aussieBum Sponsors Sydney’s Bingham Cup

Bingham Cup

The 2014 Bingham Cup is being held later this month in Sydney from the 24th through the 31st. It is considered to be the world cup of gay rugby, but the Bingham Cup is more than an sport tournament. It’s a progressive event that challenges the perception of gay men in sports, and a week-long affair of parties and events. And this year, the winners of the Bingham Cup — which projects attendance to be over 1,000 players and supporters — will leave with not just a trophy, but products from aussieBum.

“We are very excited that aussieBum is joining us in welcoming the overseas rugby players and supporters to Sydney. The company is a very well-known and respected Australian brand in the gay community around the world,” said Andrew Purchas, Bingham Cup president in a press release.

aussieBum is doing more than giving the winning players fun and sporty underwear though. Having been a long-time community partner of the Bingham Cup, this iconic Australian brand is now an official sponsor of the tournament and the accompanying festivities. During the lead-up to the games, the Bingham Cup team organized pro-LGBT initiatives such as a commitment from the head of all major Australian sports to eliminate withstanding homophobia. Another initiative is to launch the world’s premier study on homophobia within sports.

“We felt it was important to increase our support and help [the Bingham Cup] host an even more spectacular week of events, parties and intense rugby games,” said Sean Ashby, from aussieBum. “Along with equal marriage rights, supporting the LGBT sports community is so important to me and aussieBum are proud to be supporting this great platform for sporting achievements in the gay community”.

The fact that aussieBum is a key supporter of this movements in impressive and goes to show how the brand got such a reputable image within the gay community. Homophobia is an issue across the globe and can more often than not be found in professional sports teams. Speaking out for our right to tackle straight men is a serious matter, and aussieBum is taking strides to nip homophobia in the bud.

Will you by any chance be in attendance for the 2014 Bingham Cup? What are your views on homophobia in professional sports? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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