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Obviously Pouch Comparison

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal… That may be fine and dandy when it comes to the creation of a nation, but when it comes to the anatomy of men, the same cannot be said. Every man is built differently and has a different sense of what is comfortable. For this exact reason, Obviously has given us three distinct designs, each with their own merits, to make sure that no matter who is wearing their brand they will feel, as the Aussie’s say, “awse-balls!”

1. The Naked Pouch

jpegDon’t be fooled by the picture above, this is not just for the guys who got an extra bit of stardust in their genetic make up. The Naked Pouch is anatomically designed for men with confidence. And confidence and endowment and not inherently linked. If you’re the kind of man that likes to go commando but can’t do it for whatever reason, then this pouch is for you. It’s built to provide comfort in a way that lets you hang loose, the way nature intended. And in this pouch you’re not going to be spending your day readjusting. You’ll think you’re swinging free in the breeze but really that’s what Obviously intended.

2. The Comfort Pouch


Some men truly enjoy the feel of fine fabric up against their skin. They know that when something fits right, it’s like having a second skin. That’s what the comfort pouch hopes to do. It’s a simple concept (obviously) that sticks to what feels good and what feels right. The Comfort Pouch has as slim line and an enhanced level of comfort so it give a little lift but still makes sure to leave room for you to be who you are.

3. The Classic Pouch

jpeg-2Classic is classic for a reason: it’s classic. We know that defining a word by the same word is a bit cheeky, but we wouldn’t do it if it weren’t true. What makes this pouch stand out is that it’s got all those great time-tested features like double-panelling, flatlocked double seams, and a shallower pouch depth. But it does everything without sacrificing comfort. That’s always the main focus of pouches. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not wearing your underwear right. The Classic Pouch has a little extra stretch so that it can mold comfortably around you and hold you in place with a snug (but not too snug) fit. That’s what classic means: comfort.

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