10 Reasons Why Soccer Plays Will Love The Equmen Precision Sock


Playing the great sport of soccer takes a lot of fancy footwork and a healthy pair of legs to do it! That’s why soccer players take great care of their legs and feet year-round, because they rely heavily on those two sticks to score goals and win games. Some of the world’s best soccer players even have their legs insured for millions of dollars — ahem, David Beckham. In the heat of this year’s World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events known to man, we want to make sure the international soccer players are paying extra close attention to the health of their legs. That is why we believe that every soccer player should own a pair of Equmen Precision Socks, and have come up with 1o reasons on how the socks can help step their game up!

1. Enhances Circulation  The Precision Socks will help the flow of oxygen in the blood for when you’re sprinting after the ball from midfield.

2. Fabric Blend — Every pair of  Equmen socks are made from a 72% nylon and 28% spandex fabric blend, ensuring a perfect balance that allows the socks to stretch, but maintain their shape game after game.

3. Energizes Legs — Those last ten minutes of a soccer match are brutal on your legs. That’s why Equmen socks are perfect because they enhance circulation — which helps fight off fatigue and muscle cramping.

4. Made with Helix-Mapping Technology — Think of the Equmen Precision Socks like a memory foam bed for your legs and feet. The socks will adapt to every pair of legs, not matter what shape they are and you’ll have the perfect fit every time you slip a pair on before a game.

5. Dissipates Toxins — The socks are engineered with static pressure which “helps to encourage toxin removal from the muscle,” and that’s the last thing a soccer player needs. Know you’re playing your cleanest game with a pair of these socks.

6. Targeted Arch Support  To be the best soccer player you can be, you have to be light on your feet! The Equmen Precision Socks are made with high-compression and body-response ribbing around the arch of the foot for extra support during long tournaments.

7. Controls Temperature, Moisture and Odor — Chances are you’re on the road a lot during the soccer season. These socks are great for soccer players because they have a targeted mesh, moisture-wicking fabric with anti-microbial properties ensuring that your feet are as fresh as they can be for every practice, scrimmage and game.

8. Colorful Design and Multifunctional — Just because the socks have many health benefits to them doesn’t mean they have to be boring. The Equmen Precision Socks were made with three purposes in mind, work, recreation and casual fashion. The most fashion forward soccer players — Robbie Rogers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Becks — could wear these socks just about anywhere off the field. Red carpet event? Throw on a pair of the Precision Socks in Samba Red or Plum. A light training session at the gym? Try the Recreational socks in Sand.

9. Athletes Swear By Them — From Olympians to Formula One drives, many athletes from various sports backgrounds are already enjoying the benefits Equmen products offer them and their game. They have already been tested and approved, so what are you waiting for?

10. Available Now — The great thing about Equmen is that you can virtually purchase their products from anywhere! The socks are available on the brand’s website, and you can find them all over the globe in major department stores and smaller boutiques by you.

Do you already own a pair of Equmen Precision Socks? Tell us what your favorite part about them is by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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