Drag Race Invades Social Media & More Model Instagram Pics

Drag Race

This week in underwear model social media, most of the models have RuPaul’s Drag Race on their minds. Simon Sherry-Wood, who participated in Drag Race as a “Pit Crew” member posted a photo of him from the “Sissy That Walk” music video. Other models, such as Steven Dehler and Daniel Garofali, showed that they were “Team Courtney.” Dehler appeared in Courtney Act’s music video for “Mean Gays” wearing Marco Marco briefs, while Garofali appeared on Courtney’s T-Shirt.

[VIDEO]Drag Race Music Videos: Top 5 Underwear Moments

Colby Melvin, a fan of Courtney’s, didn’t get into much of the Drag Race spirit as much as he was getting ready for the premiere of the new Maleficent movie. He got ready for a Sleeping Beauty themed club night dressed up as Prince Philip, though we’d feel he’d make a better Prince Eric.

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