This Week In Men’s Underwear – April 9 2014


We really, really hope Spring is here to stick around this time. It better be, because we have hundreds of new looks and collections for this season to wear — try them out and get attention! Last week, swimwear started to bloom from all over the place. Check out Andrew Christian and Jor for some of their first swimwear looks for the season. Seriously, put down those cupcakes, because Bikini season is upon us. Here is some inspiration from this week in men’s underwear roundup – April 9 2014.

Andrew Christian is unloading their Spring/Summer ’14 collections on us with new pairs of underwear and swimwear. Check out their Vivid Fuse W/Show-It Tech collection and the latest in swimwear, the Bahia W/Show-It Tech line. 
Atelier DT is a re-launched underwear brand, with solid looks for their premier collection. Go for solid colors with the Colors Boxer Brief range. 
C-IN2 must be going through an 80’s phase, because they made a collection of underwear that will make people “tumble 4 yah.” The Culture Club is inspired by bold pop culture art prints. 
Candyman’s Neon Rainbow Thong will have you glowing all day long, and long into the night, where it will glow in the dark. 
Freedom Reigns has the right fit that will take you from sleep to pool to gym and back again with the BioFit collection. The line of underwear is designed with clean and sharp lines that won’t distract. 
Jack Adams’s Rugby Jock 3.0 collection reinvents this famed jockstrap once again. Things keep getting better with a trimmed mesh pouch. 
Jor is getting excited about the changing of the season, because they gave us two new looks this past week. The Metal collection uses hard colors, but has a soft fabric side, while the Sport Swimwear collection will keep you dry and cute poolside. 
Muchachomalo wants to remind you of that imagination you once had as a boy, with your mind wandering back to the time of dinosaurs and cave men. The Evolve collection takes us back with three cool styles. 
Papi doesn’t want to hear any excuses when it comes to spring training. Make sure you have a fresh pair of underwear for every work out with the Microfusion Performance 2-Packs
Undergear’s Basic Texture collection keeps us calm and comfortable with its superior fabric blend of nylon and spandex. 

For more information about the brands: Undergear, Andrew Christian, C-IN2, Atelier DT, Muchachomalo, Jack Adams, Jor, Candyman, Papi, and Freedom Reigns.

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Photo Credit: Undergear, Andrew Christian, C-IN2, Atelier DT, Muchachomalo, Jack Adams, and Freedom Reigns.


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