Puma Summer No Show Socks Keep Us Cool



It’s THAT time of year again. Despite the cool weather in New York, the entire Eastern Seaboard knows it’ll soon be time to store away our boots and sweaters. It’s time to celebrate and break out the loafers, sneakers, and dress shoes we have been missing all through the dead times of winter. Cue the seasonal essentials: number one being the Puma Summer No Show Sock.

Let’s face it, socks are usually pretty ugly. They can be decorated, patterned, or argyle’d, but still they serve a pretty utilitarian purpose. For those with utility in mind, be sure to pick up some of Puma’s cotton and bamboo versions of the wardrobe staple. This sock is from a brand you know you can trust, and the three packs mean you can hoard as many as you need. Don’t forget, you should keep extra no show socks in all of your gym bags.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Puma has put its design and technology teams to the test, creating dryCELL designation for moisture-wicking properties that help keep you dry and comfortable. They even claim some built in arch support. That’s the thing that keeps you on your feet long and enjoying more of life!

Puma Summer No Show socks come in a 65% Polyester, 30% cotton, 5% spandex construction for cushioned comfort ($12/three pack) or 80% Rayon from bamboo, 15% polyester, 5% spandex ($12/two pack).

Don’t let the hot Atlantic heat hit you unprepared on a date when you’re still rolling with boot socks.

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For more information on the brand: Puma

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