Atelier DT: A Master Of Rebranding

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New underwear brand Atelier DT may not ring a bell at first,  but this is the new home of DT underwear which was originally launched in 2003. DT established its original identity by “introducing a mix of style, fun, fashion, and comfort to the realm of men’s underwear by infusing elements of groovy 60s and 70s simplicity with modern quality fabrics to make its own unique stamp on cool.”

Fast forward to 2014, and new owner Giuseppe “Joe” Genua, saw an opportunity to purchase the brand as it was beginning to shut its doors forever.

With 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Genua jumped at the chance to buy the brand and begin to revamp it into a popular go-to everyday underwear brand. He was impressed by the brand’s overall presentation, history, and ethos, which motivated him to jump in head first in the men’s underwear market.


He plans to maintain DT Jock’s legacy during the re-construction period, with the objective to re-awaken the brand within the consumer market place.  Currently, DT is only available online, but Genua envisions the underwear sold in other online retailers and ultimately at a brick and mortar store.

The brand has a heavy presence on Social Media outlets including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter Google+ and YouTube. By doing that, DT is telling its fans and customers that it is still here and that it is continuing on its journey to be the best pair of underwear in your drawer.

“I want to carve a niche for DT, I want it to genuinely be seen as a designer underwear brand with personality and I want it to be something I personally can hang my hat on with pride, “ said Genua.

DT-Basic-Black-Low-Rise-Brief-2He pictures the DT man as someone who wears underwear as another extension of their style and wardrobe.  It has to be another facet of a man’s lifestyle, someone who puts comfort and fit above all else.  That is why Genua doesn’t plan on playing with the construction, he plans on keeping the name of DT has consistent as possible. A continuation of the legacy that was, is and will be DT.

He is slowly transitioning into ownership of the brand, with the new 2014 collection considered, “a transitional and cautious line.” But, he wants to build the brand from the bottom up, so that it reaches a high note with respect from the underwear community.

He is pulled toward pop art and pop culture, geometric pattern, vibrancy and the likes of Joan Miro paintings. Depending on how well the first collection goes, Genua plans on releasing two collections a year, and to build on those as the brands continue to build in popularity. Every future range will have its own theme, with various cuts such as jockstraps, sport briefs, low rise briefs, asymmetrical briefs and boxer briefs will accompany the theme.

One thing that will set this brand of underwear apart from others on the shelving is its ingenious packaging. Every size has its own color coordinated box, so that the perfect size will stand out to the buyer. Smalls come in a yellow package, mediums come in red, larges in blue and extra-larges in grey.  “Ultimately, I would want to be able to say the label is stylish.”

With years of fashion experience and a creative eye, Joe Genua will take Atelier DT to higher grounds.“I sincerely believe I have a good product and a good invention,” said Genua. “Atelier DT is here for the long haul.”

For more information on the brand: Atelier DT

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