Yorkies Underwear: For Men Who are Going Places


San Francisco based underwear brand Yorkies is new to the scene and already making a splash with their eye-catching designs and unforgettable photos. Photographed by Joe Mazza at the St Regis Hotel, these stunning images of 25-year-old Brody Harris speak to the brand’s light-hearted yet classy nature. Wearing Binary Briefs, inspired in part by working QR codes, Harris shows off his undies in a variety of not to serious poses, including one that lands him on the toilet!

The Binary Brief worn by Brody Harris has a hidden horseshoe-shaped “cup” which provides a lift for the package. It’s made with moisture-wicking fabric and according to the website is “anti-stain, anti-odor, anti-microbial.” It retails for $29.00.

Yorkies underwear’s other designs are equal in excellence to the Binary Brief and are made with a high quality synthetic fabric in order to deliver the comfort of cotton “with sharp details.” The designs are influenced by art and  tongue-in-cheek sexuality.

Yorkies founder and designer Patrick York says of his designs: “My products are in many ways a reflection of myself.” And on the Yorkies Underwear slogan “For Men Who Going Places,” and the origin of the brand’s name he says: “I’ve been told oftentimes that I’m going places, hence why Yorkies is “for men who are going places.” Also, the name itself is a play on words. “York” is my last name, “undies” is what I make… so “Yorkies” is the end result.”

Take a look at these Yorkies underwear photos of Brody Harris and let us know if you’re a fan. We certainly are! Sound off on Twitter here.

Photo Credit: Joe Mazza


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  1. DeeRock68 says:

    I don’t like them nor do I love them … I’m IN LUV with them!!!! And you couldn’t have picked a better model to represent this brand (Go, Brody Harris! :-* )

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