The Hanro Fine Fabrics Sleepwear Collections


More than 150 years old, Hanro is one of the leading brands for luxury underwear. This Fall/Winter season, they have expanded themselves even further by adding very fine fabrics to their classic cuts and designs.

For this season, Hanro has created sleepwear collections that are made from the finest of merino wools, exotic silks and the warmest and softest cashmere. The silk/cashmere line has three pieces made out of high quality silk (65%) and lightweight cashmere (35%) and ever piece comes in either black or cygne (swan white). To protect you from the coldest of nights, the Long Sleeve Shirt ($280) and Long Pant ($265) will keep you warm and toasty. Perfect for a base layer is the Short Sleeve Shirt ($220).

The Light Merino line comes in 5 styles, and the Longleg and the Long Sleeve Shirt come in two different fabric blends. Every piece is inspired by vintage looks and cuts and are made with mother-of-pearl buttons. The warmer of the bunch is the Longleg ($150) and the Long Sleeve Shirt ($155) with a warmer blend of 80% wool and 20% silk and comes in Phantom and Silver. Both are also available at the same price point and in the same colors, but with a slightly cooler fabric makeup, 70% wool and 30% silk. The Short Sleeve Shirt ($138) is also made from 70% wool and 30% silk and has a crew neck that maintains a sleek, yet classic appeal.

The Hanro Fine Fabrics Sleepwear collection comes in sizes XS-Xl.

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