[VIDEO] Campaigns for 2eros 2013 Underwear and Swimwear Collections

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Australian underwear and swimwear brand 2eros has rounded up the best of the best from their previous season for three new videos. The video above combines both of their underwear and swimwear collections and showcases them against a white backdrop. Below you’ll find videos for each line, highlighting their most successful sellers this past season. Check the videos below for full coverage of the 2eros 2013 collections.

In the video directly below, you’ll see some of 2eros’ favorite underwear collections. The model gracefully poses in pieces from the Black Label collection, Icon series, Jock series and Stripe collection. Watch as the model plays with his 2eros necklace and the underwear waistbands. Every pair of underwear 2eros creates is timeless, seductive, fashionable, charismatic, fun and always stylish.

For their last video, 2eros presents their favorite swimwear collections. Owner and Designer, Jason Hoeung has an advantage over other brands when it comes to the swimwear, since the brand is based in Australia and he draws much of his inspiration from the elements he is surrounded with. In the video, you’ll find pieces from the National and Big Icon collections, as well as looks from the Signature Stripe collection.

Which is your favorite line from 2eros, their underwear or swimwear? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: 2eros

Photo and Video Credit: 2eros

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