Introducing Waistband Wednesday

In case you’ve been missing out, every Wednesday over on our Instagram account (@underwearexpert) is Waistband Wednesday. We celebrate the often ignored yet amazingly important part of your underwear… your waistband! Waistbands come in a variety of designs, fits, and textures. We have been collecting your waistband pics on Instagram using #TUXWaist and today, we are sharing some of our favorites.

This week’s batch includes everything from the subtle waistband of Papi’s cotton stretch jockstrap to the contemporary, hip thin waistband of Andrew Christian Almost Naked Smooth Vibe trunks.

Check out our Waistband Wednesday choices below and keep sending in those waistbands either by using #TUXWaist on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Photo Credit: Instagram

For more information about these brands: American Eagle, Andrew Christian, Papi, N2N, Calvin Klein Underwear


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