Ask The Expert: Moisture Wicking Underwear

October Monthly Brief Roundup


David from Chapel Hill, NC: I play for a Tier 1 college soccer team and by the end of the first half of my games, my underwear is soaked in sweat from all of the running I have to do. Sometimes it is so much that it becomes uncomfortable, causes chafing and it takes the attention off of my game. I’ve had to revert to changing into a fresh pair of underwear at half-time. How can I take the focus off of my problematic underwear and back on the game?

The Underwear Expert: We’re so glad you asked this, since many athletic seasons are starting around this time of the year and this can be a huge problem for guys, since it interrupts performance and messes with concentration. If you have never heard the term, ‘moisture wicking,’ then it’s about time we fill you in. Moisture wicking underwear means the material the underwear is made from actually transfers the wetness that is built up inside the garment to the outside of it, leaving you feeling nice and fresh. Moisture wicking fabrics, which can be made from cotton, polyester and even bamboo, can be a huge game changer because it keeps everything dry! Try these suggested pairs out leave that old pair at home!

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  1. Curi Lemton says:

    Looking for a summer wear options! temperature here easily shifts between 36 – 45 degree celcius!
    I am open to experiment till i find something better!! Thanks guys

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