[VIDEO] BTS with Smiley Clothing Australia and CSA Models

Smiley  Clothes Australia Australian apparel brand, Smiley Clothes Australia’s motto is “Life’s About Smiling,” and everyone in our headquarters is smiling about the BTS two part videos for Smiley Clothing Australia and CSA models.

In part 1 of the BTS videos you’ll find Smiley Clothes Australia Managing Director, Tony Peacock ogling and interviewing the nine gorgeous models preparing for the photo shoot. Based in Perth, Australia owner of CSA models, Chrystofa Aarons, shot the spread and put the models in pairs of Smiley Clothing Australia’s Aussie Beach trunks in blue and red and Adonis briefs in white.

During part 2 of BTS we find out that most of the models hail from South Africa, but they all call Perth home now. Peacock mixes and mingles with the models as he follows them around the set. He spends a good amount of time watching them as they workout to buff up for the next shot. Peacock also switches it up by giving the models the opportunity to interview each other, which they fail at doing.   For the next shot, Aarons switches the models wardrobes from SCA underwear to white white beaters, jeans and various brands of underwear, which we spotted a few Calvin Kleins poking out.

Video Credit: Atilla Bak

Picture Credit: Glen Young


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