Darren Criss: 7 Gleeful Underwear Moments

On Sept. 26, our favorite boys and girls from McKinley High’s glee club are coming back. Did Rachel get the part in Funny Girl? Will Demi Lovato sing her own songs? Will Sam wear a jockstrap on his face again? We are all on pins and needles waiting to get the answers to our most burning questions.

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On the top of the list, however, is whether Blaine and Kurt will tie the knot this season. Surely, that will be a big character arc for the show, placing Darren Criss in the limelight. Anyone else feel like his character was lost in the scuffle of the duel Ohio/New York story lines last season? Anyways, we are super glad that he will be front and center yet again.

In honor of Glee returning to Fox in a matter of weeks, we put together some of Criss’ subtle and most outrageous underwear moments. Check out out gallery on the following page.


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