Embrace the Season of Burtonwode Rites of Spring

Made for gentleman, Burtonwode Rites of Spring collection awakens the spirit of spring with it’s Easter egg colors and whimsical prints. Burtonwode engineers their garments so that once they are on you, they are forgotten about until you have to take them off.

This collection is entirely composed of boxer shorts that are made with 100% cotton. Every pair has a classic slim fit and is crafted with gussets on the side and a thicker thigh opening for a fitted yet roomier boxer that won’t bunch up. The boxers have a five panel construction to reduce wedging in the back. Another nuisance Burtonwode addresses is the prickling labels that are usually found in the back of underwear, and to fix this they have placed their label on the bottom left leg of the boxer.

Rites of Spring (£26) is fashioned in 16 designs, with pairs in solid bright colors and others in seasonal spring patterns. For the solid colors there is a classic pink, purple, royal blue and baby blue. Under each solid color category there are three pairs that fall in the same color scheme but with different designs. The pink series attributed pattern is ‘birds in a bush’ which is a print of tiny pink birds in mirrored images against pink floral motif. The pattern is apparent in one pair as the entire fabric, the next pair it is just on the waist band and third pair it is on the boxer while the waistband is solid pink. The royal blue series contrasting pattern is ‘fruit’ and appears as a blue fruit willow pattern on top of a white color and it is available in the same three options as the pink series. Following those two series is purple with an ‘Einstein’ pattern which features Einstein’s shrunken head as the pattern. Last but not least is baby blue with a ‘weave’, or linked weaved pattern that follows in the same styles as the other colors.

Burtonwode Rites of Spring comes in sizes S-XL.

Photo Credit: Burtonwode


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