5 Stand-Out Summer Swim Trends

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Let’s face it. These summer days are ominously coming to an end. For some of you, it was a time to let loose in your favorite swimwear, yet, for others, it was a time spent working hard at the gym to sculpt a beach ready body. Well, for the latter, summer is not over yet. You still have time to show off your beach ready abs to the world, and what a better time to do it. There are a lot more options on the table than suiting up like Michael Phelps or pulling on the mid-calf board shorts of our youth. We look back at our five favorite summer swim trends so you can go out with a bang.

Sunga Inspired


Popular in Brazil, the sunga is a fitted style with the cut of a low-rise trunk and slim stretch-fit. Carioca specializes in this classic Brazilian cut. Carioca has some awesome sale and clearance items available, since some of the items may be a bit pricey at full price.

Retro Trunk


Fitted trunks with a short inseam and subtle style accents channel the earlier days of more sartorial swimwear. Retro trunks were a major part of Sauvagewear’s Summer/Spring Collection and are a great option for keeping it classy under the sun.

Swim brief


Not every guy feels comfortable in a skin revealing swim brief, but it’s also the best way to be the life of the party and have a little fun. AussieBum is one brand that has many styles of this kind of swimwear available.

Tie Front


Not just reserved for elastic waist trunks, the tie front has become a stand-alone design element that’s incorporated into a number of styles. Check out the many ways Parke & Ronen incorporate the style into its swimwear.

Modern Board Shorts


Board shorts have come a long way, as many brands focus on tailored fit, smart length, and subtle design accents. HOM is a leader in the modern day board short. For other more familiar brands, check out Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

For more information about these brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, HOM, Park & Ronen, AussieBum Ca-Rio-Ca

Photo Credits: AussieBum, Hugo Boss, Sauvagewear, Parke & Ronen, dnamagazine


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