Garçon Model Underwear: The Fashionable Athlete’s Choice

Garcon Model

Garçon Model Underwear

For decades now, a fairly decent percentage of all underwear design and production has been dedicated to athletes and fitness wear. Being active at high-performance levels requires underwear brands to engineer products with detailed specifics in mind. Breathability, stretch and durability become key factors when many of these brands go into production.

As with most things in life, form and function generally work inversely. Underwear brands that focus too much energy on efficiency and the engineering process come out with solid products that lack any zest or flair. In that same respect, many underwear brands with flashy colors and hip cuts lack any high-performance potential. That is, until Canadian-based brand Garçon Model reared their head onto the underwear scene.

Garçon Model has been rather busy this past year creating awesome underwear, taking multiple photo shoots and videos, working on spectacular artwork and chatting with Justin Bieber.

Garçon Model underwear is a perfect marriage of stylish design and breathable, durable fabric. The brand proved that their underwear is essential activewear only a few weeks ago, competing in a 10k charity run only in their underwear!

To further exhibit the brand’s sports wear potential, Garçon Model conducted a photo shoot with model Kyle Ouwehand sporting football gear and several pairs of Garçon Model underwear. Check out the photos below featuring model Kyle Ouwehand dressed about as athletically as possible to compliment his GM’s.

Don’t forget to tell Garçon Model about the slam dunk job they’re doing on TwitterFacebook and Youtube, they’re making quite a splash!

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