C-IN2 Zen Welcomes Four New Colors


C-IN2 is getting ready for the 2013 Fall/Winter season by updating its popular C-IN2 Zen range. All styles of C-IN2 Zen collection are now available in electric ice (sky), voodoo (navy), violet storm (magenta), and froth heather (beige). The new colors are a departure from the natural tones of green and blue that were introduced to the collection during the Spring/Summer season.

Everything you have grown to love about the collection is still present with a subtle variation on the fabric composition. Underwear in the 2013 Fall/Winter colors are made up of 59% cotton, 39% rayon, and 2% spandex, that’s more cotton than previously seen in the collection. The collection will continue to feature the microfiber elastic leg bindings.

Back in February, Gregory Sovell, the creative director at C-IN2, told The Underwear Expert about the reasoning behind the microfiber elastic. “Zen is an active collection and we are always improving its sporty feel,” said Sovell. “It was important to improve the leg bindings by reengineering the elastic to offer maximum stretchability.”

The new colors will continue to be offered in all C-IN2 Zen styles such as the street jock ($20), active sport($26), slider($26), punt($28), and army trunk($30). The colors will also be available for the C-IN2 Zen tank and wide v-neck tee.

The C-IN2 Zen range is available in S-XL

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