Yowza! 6 Must See Andrew Christian GIFs

We’re with you Pandora—nothing puts our face through as many insane expressions as Andrew Christian GIFs. With the brand’s signature pouch enhancement technology hard at work in every pair, witnessing their magic in live action animation can be… overwhelming.

But never fear! We’re here to lend our support and walk you through a few of our favorite must-sees. You may have watched some of the brand’s outrageous promotional videos on repeat, or pored over our galleries indexing Andrew Christian’s finest assets or best packages, but there’s something especially magical about these GIFs—it’s hard to put our finger on it.

Make like Pandora Boxx and check out our must-see Andrew Christian GIFs, and let us know if we missed any of your faves (if you’re not too dizzy, that is).

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First up we have Christopher Quinn Jaxon’s entrance in his Andrew Christian audition video. Needless to say, the judging panel gave him stellar marks.

RuPaul’s Drag Race may have crowned a winner back in May (see our interview with Jinkx Monsoon), but we’re still not over the Andrew Christian Pit Crew’s dance break to RuPaul’s Peanut Butter. Can you blame us?

Re: Andrew Christian’s CarWash video, we’re with this guy. Whatever he is.

Jason Medina tries to start a pillow fight with the cameraman, but judging by that big smile, he’s not so serious about it.

Rod Daily forgot where his underwear goes in this video.

Bad dog!

In case you didn’t already think Colby Melvin is just too many things. Now there’s this:

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Photo Credits: Joem Bayawa, Andrew Christian


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