[VIDEO] Underwear Scene of the Week: American Psycho

In another edition of our new Underwear Scene of the Week feature, we here at The Underwear Expert continue to highlight the greatest movie moments in underwear. Whether they’re new movies, old classics, silent films, whatever, we’re sharing all our favorites. This week’s Underwear Scene of the Week features actor Christian Bale in his American Psycho underwear workout and shower scene.

Christian Bale had some pretty crazy moments in American Psycho (2000). He really creeps us out, but the intro workout scene in nothing but a pair of Perry Ellis boxer briefs kind of makes up for all of it. Okay… so it doesn’t make up for him killing people, but still. Apparently, the content of the movie seemed so dark to sponsors that Calvin Klein Underwear pulled their products from the movie, allowing Perry Ellis to jump in and totally save the American Psycho underwear scene.

Christian Bale is ripped in the American Psycho underwear workout below, and those Perry Ellis boxer briefs make him shine better than any basic workout shorts ever could, don’t you agree? Send us some of your favorite underwear movie scenes, and maybe one will be featured as our Underwear Scene of the Week!

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i2XZHkW5IQ]

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Photo Credit: Flickr


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