[VIDEO] Dove Real Beauty Parody Urges Respect For Beautiful Balls

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzDUbUQ-qjg]

In a parody of the Dove Real Beauty campaign, men describe their balls to a forensic sketch artist and get a wake-up call to the beauty hidden underneath their drawers. Based on the brand’s campaign in which women learn to recognize their natural beauty, the video has men doing the same with their low-hangers.

Balls are one of the two most precious contents of your underwear (three if we count the booty, and how could we not?!), so we’re definitely on board with this video’s message of homage and respect. We’ve long been advocates of taking care of those little siamese twins between the legs, as keeping them happy is a big part of staying healthy.

A Kickstarter campaign launched by Joshua Shoemake made our radar back in March with plans to produce ‘Snowballs’ underwear, which feature a built in cooling system to help with fertility problems related to overheated testicles.

Peruvian League Against Cancer caught our attention last year with its campaign encouraging men to play with their balls to examine them for signs of testicular cancer. Using pictures of underwear printed with various hands-on games and devices, the campaign urges men to put their hands to good use and show their balls some love. Amen to that!

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photos


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