6 “Geeks” in Underwear

Whether you used the geeks to help your homework in school, scooped one up as a last minute date, or just really love it when a guy can “talk nerdy” to you, geeks and nerds are making somewhat of a comeback… those trendy animals. Believe it or not (and you really should believe it because it’s true), May 25th is Geek Pride Day.

To celebrate, we’re highlighting all of our favorite geeks in their underwear… yes, they’re underwear models, but still! Some of them actually have some pretty geek-like intellectual credentials, and some just wear those classic thick-rimmed glasses, but we’re going to go ahead and consider them all equal today.

Ready to gain a few IQ points? Check out our favorite geeks on Geek Pride Day, and try not to go running to your nearest book club… On second thought, reading is also cool.

Juan by Cesar De Lupe

Yeah, we’re not sure about how smart or geeky Juan can be, but the thick-rimmed glasses in this photo shoot sure fit the stereotype, don’t they?

Julian Gabriel the Smarty Pants

In an interview with The Underwear Expert, Julian told us all about how he studied pre-law and specialized in litigation and advocacy, entertainment and sports law… and he’s still studying. Pretty geeky, no? You’d never guess by this guy’s looks!

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Rodiney Santiago in his Socks

Rodiney studied physical therapy for almost four years and even served as a city commissioner… that’s kind of geeky, right? If not, those thick-rimmed glasses are convincing enough.

Todd Sanfield Studies… A Lot

Todd Sanfield sat down for an interview to talk about how he’s both modeling, running his own brand, and finish up graduate school–he’s studying to be a Pharmacist (Doctor of Pharmacy, PharmD). Does this guy ever go out and party? We sure hope so, since he totally breaks the geek stereotype…

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Parker Hurley Plays with Action Figures

Yeah, if you play with your action figures or video games like Parker Hurley does in this photo shoot, you might not be a really smart nerd, but you’re definitely a geek! Be proud of it on Geek Pride Day!

Photo Credit: Cesar De Lupe, Guys With Glasses, Luis Rafael, Reixam, Oh My God!, Gabriel Gastelum, Fred Goudon


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  1. DavidMonterosso says:

    THOSE men are NOT geeks…lol.  They all are handsome and have bodies to die for…you need to look up the definition of a geek.  Putting glasses on a model does NOT  a geek make 🙂

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