Sneak Behind the Scenes with Thom Evans for D. Hedral

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This season D.Hedral has released a series of Thom Evans photos shot on location in Greece by Daniel Jaems, featuring the professional rugby player turned model in different styles from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

More photos released this week feature Thom sporting D.Hedral’s black-on-black Gigolo Joe briefs, with thermotaping and the brand’s patented ‘AngleFit Technology’ for supreme comfort, perfect fit and a visually enhanced rear.

We also get a special glimpse behind the scenes with some more relaxed photos of Thom enjoying the bright sunshine in his underwear. His tan complexion and athletic build fit right in against the rocky, desert-like terrain. If we didn’t know any better, we’d wonder whether Thom carved himself a little cave and has been hanging out in Greece all this time, enjoying a nice extended vacation while on the job.

Check out more photos of Thom in D.Hedral and let us know if you’ve chosen your favorite yet (we know, it’s hard).

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Thom Evans photos DHEDRAL-BTS_02

Thom Evans photos DHEDRAL-BTS_03

Thom Evans photos _DHEDRAL-BTS_04

For more information about this brand: D.Hedral

Photo Credit: Daniel Jaems


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