[VIDEO] Nasty Pig Goes Street

To show off their Spring/ Summer 2013 collection, the latest Nasty Pig video “iamNASTYPIG” features some of the Chelsea-based brand’s hottest all-star models moving through the buzzing streets of New York City. Check it out, and get ready to rumble..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtIrCVM-EKI]

The Nasty Pig video kicks off with a rambunctious pit bull named Mambo breaking his leash and lighting off while his owner (Matthew Camp, sporting a Nasty Pig Jock in white) pops into a bodega for a little refreshment. Matthew steps out and takes off after his pup, passing a panorama of downtown folks rocking Nasty Pig’s bold, gritty new collection on his chase. Being an amiable and energetic K-9, Matthew’s escaped pooch makes some friends along the way.

While the wily dog Mambo is undoubtedly the video’s leading star, his human co-stars include Nasty Pig models Abel Ljoka (wearing the Nasty Pig Systemic Brief in red) Mike Espinosa, Justin Holmes, Jared Conner, and Adam Capuano–as well as downtown NYC nightlife superstars Frankie Sharp (who styled the shoot), Roze Black, Juliana Huxtable, Kayrizz and Roc’well.

The “iamNASTYPIG” video really captures the animal energy and adventurous spirit of the brand’s urban design aesthetic. Check out the Nasty Pig video and let us know your favorite looks!

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For more information about this brand: Nasty Pig

Video Credit: @LILINTERNET


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