Top 10 Robert Downey Jr Underwear Photos

Oh, Robert. You slay us. No, you really do—look at you, you’re covered in blood! Well, you can wear anything you want today you dear man, because it’s your birthday! To honor you and your illustrious career on this special day, we’ve selected our top ten Robert Downey Jr underwear shots.

From showing off his Calvins on the red carpet to stripping down to his tighty-whities in an 80’s B movie classic, we’ve assembled some treasures here you won’t want to miss. From teen dream to bad boy and back again, Robert always seems to land with two feet planted squarely on the A-list. Could underwear be his secret weapon for success? We’ll let you decide.

We hate to start with a gaffe, but what’s a birthday without a little lighthearted roast? At least his Calvins match the red carpet in these photos from a press event for Sherlock Holmes.



Now this is the kind of attitude we like to see from a birthday boy. Robert triumphs in these boxing shorts with none other than Rocky Balboa himself.


Swimwear season is practically upon us, how does our birthday boy prefer his trunks? Robert tends to opt for bold colors and prints, but really he’s all about the accessories. Like his pale blue hat and dark glasses below:


But our favorite accessory has got to be this colorful inner-tube. From the looks of his waist, he could definitely fit right in that pretty little thing.


We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here, but we’re loving the short cropped hair and striped underwear combination.


Always the prankster, Robert strips down to his white briefs in front of the whole school in this shot from the 1988 movie 1969.


After all his antics on-screen and off, the guy certainly deserves a break. Here he is kicking back in a mesh tank.


For a man who often thinks outside-the-box, underwear is sometimes just too easy. Why not a pillow?


But really, nothing makes a better substitute for skivvies than high thread-count sheets.


Photo Credits: HuffingtonPost, FanPop, PhotoBucket, rdjstummy.tumblr, behindtheseens.


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