The 8 Greatest Superheroes in Underwear

For children, teens and some adults around the world, superheroes are a great symbol of moral obligation, dignity, mercy and honor. More importantly, superheroes are also a great symbol for just wearing your underwear outside your clothes. That’s right, superheroes in underwear are the greatest, and for that reason.

Though appearances of superheroes in underwear have been cut down lately thanks to more “reality based” adaptations in film, some superheroes will simply always be remembered for their original appearances with underwear.

Scroll down through our list of the 8 greatest superheroes in underwear, and let us know if we missed any of your favorites!

#8: Nite Owl from Watchmen

Nite Owl has long been criticized for being a bit too similar to Batman, but hey, he’s got some interesting steel underwear going on. We respect him all the same.

#7: Beast Boy from Teen Titans

Though Beast Boy never reached huge success as a comic, his appearances in Teen Titans were pretty cool. Purple boxer briefs? How could he not be a hit?

#6 Wolverine from X-Men

We know, we know: Wolverine now is just Hugh Jackman ripping his shirt off and killing people. That’s cool and all, but the original Wolverine from the X-Men cartoons and comics was way more underwear-savvy.

#5: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s pretty cool for sort-of sporting underwear. Most female superheroes are drawn up to have watermelon sized breasts and costume with the coverage area of a fig leaf, but Wonder Woman just wears modest underwear and kicks ass. We approve.

#4: (TWO FOR ONE!) Batman and Robin

Chris Nolan might not have let poor Batman keep his undies on, but the original Adam West Batman (and his Robin) were all about the underwear.

#3: Captain Underpants

Okay, so maybe Captain Underpants isn’t as badass as Wolverine or Batman… but the guy’s all about his underwear. How can we object?

#2: Superman

Superman’s just the superhero of superheroes. He’s pretty much invincible, just don’t slip any kryptonite into his undies.

#1: Parker Hurley

Shut your mouth. He’s got Flash underwear, and we’re betting he could at least beat up Captain Underpants with those sweet nun-chucks. We say Parker Hurley is a SUPERHERO.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Team Flying Solo, Deviant Art, Watchmen, Silver Dreams, Bytes and Banter, Geek Tyrant, Gabriel Gastelum


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  1. JaneEleanorKnight says:

    Superhero women look better in underwear than men because it makes them look smart as well as sexy.  I was disgraced when I found out there was only one woman on this list–Wonder Woman!  Other superhero women who look sexy in underwear include Hawkwoman; Spider-Girl (Betty Brant); Ms. Marvel; Black Canary; Black Scorpion; and the Super Jetsons’ BatJane (Jane Jetson).

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