Justin Bieber Underwear Auction Benefits Charity

Start your bidding, folks! A Justin Bieber underwear auction is on now to benefit a charity founded by Hélène Campbell, a special guest on Ellen who received a double lung transplant.

After recovering from her own operation, Hélène founded Give2Live to benefit transplant research and help support the families of transplant patients as they undergo the trying process.

A good friend of Ellen’s, Justin generously offered Hélène a pair of his underwear to put up for auction. The underwear, pictured in their precious frame above, are actually from Ellen’s own branded collection. Ellen remarked that this pair is an older style, so we know Justin’s been wearing them for a while.

But that’s not all, when Hélène visited the show, Ellen took it one step further by signing the pop star’s boxer briefs and getting Justin to sign them as well. Previously, a lock of Justin’s hair that Ellen auctioned on her website went for around $40,000.

In our humble opinion, signed skivvies beat a lock of hair any day, so we’re pretty certain this Justin Bieber auction is set to be off the charts. Click here to place your bid, and hurry the auction ends April 26 at 4pm!

Photo Credits: ellentv.com


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