GASP: Zac Efron Remains Completely Clothed at MTV Movie Awards

Did you tune into the MTV Movie Awards last night? If you did, you were probably utterly shocked to witness Zac Efron remain completely clothed. Seriously! Flanked by jokesters Seth Rogen and Danny McBride who dropped trou to display home-made costume underwear, Efron summoned up his innermost cruelty and kept his clothes on despite literally every viewer’s wishes. There wasn’t even a glimpse of a waistband. Total shocker from the kid who not only poked Ms. Keith Urban in his recent film Paperboy, but let her pee on him. Apparently the High School Musical star does have his limits.

The non underwear sighting happened when Efron, Rogen and McBride were presenting the Golden Popcorn for Best Shirtless Performance award. Rogen and McBride, perhaps not satisfied with giving all of the glory to a shirtless somebody, dropped their paints. Rogen sported a couture something or other covered with fake pubic hair; McBride donned a padlocked chastity belt. All that’s great, guys, but it was Efron who truly stole the night when, in the company of these high fashion ensembles, he remained completely clothed.

The beefcake award was given to almost underwear model Taylor Lautner, who accepted with a faux beer belly, because apparently nothing is taken seriously on this acclaimed awards program. “I’m just going to be real honest with you guys. I turned 21 recently,” Lautner explained. “I’ve been drinking a little bit, eating a little bit, a little too much drinking, probably.”

Check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Reuters


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