10 Hot Go-Go Boy Underwear Styles

Cocksox Underwear Ahoy Stripe Underwear


Whether you hit the bar to work hard for the money, or simply like busting a move for that special someone (or no one in particular) we round up the best exotic dancer underwear picks for the wild child in you.

A few key considerations go in to choosing the right pair of skivvies in which to shake your groove thing. Depending on how much motion is in your ocean, you’ll want a certain level of support. Also important to take into account is the size and demeanor of your audience—whether you’ll need a waistband to withstand grabby paws, or delicate fabric more suited to a crowd of one.

Check out our full array of picks for the exotic dancer in all of us, and let us know if you’d take any of these pairs for a test drive!

Cocksox Ahoy Stripe Brief (25.60 AUD): This Australian brand is known for its pouch enhancement technology; these striped briefs in black, white and red are perfect for a seaman stripper theme.

exotic dancer underwear cocksox

Baskit Active Brief ($22.50): These briefs from Baskit’s Active collection have a nice thick waistband perfect for trapping in bills, and their color accents lend them a chic athletic look.

exotic dancer underwear

N2N Tritech Split Short ($36): These sporty shorts from N2N are cut high to maximize movement and show off as much leg as possible, and potentially some other bodyparts. They’re designed to be worn without other undies, and the green color accents are perfect for catching the light.


Clever Moda Desert Brief ($24): These briefs from Clever Moda feature a textured microfiber fabric with a wavy design, and a purple metallic waistband. The center seam of the front pouch also works to enhance your package. This fabric is perfect for reflecting club lights and rays from disco balls.


Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sweetheart Jock ($17): This jock from Andrew Christian’s Sweetheart collection is certain to endear you to the crowd with its bold red color and the brand’s signature pouch enhancement technology.

exotic dancer underwear AC

Pump Hockey Jock ($21): Throw your weight around in this Hockey jock from Pump. With a soft yet sturdy waistband in bold athletic inspired colors, they’re perfect for dominating the competition with a big stick.


Bodyaware Silk Bikini Briefs ($24.95): More suited to a private dance, these briefs are crafted from a fabric blend of 95% silk and 5% lycra for a smooth fitted feel. The flashy pink color makes for a nice surprise when the moment comes to reveal them.


Male Power Hologram Bong Thong ($24.88): This black thong from Male Power’s Hologram collection is made from a shiny black fabric that includes a 3D effect when they catch the light, whether that light source is a disco ball or an array of votives is up to you.


C-IN2 Filthy Jock ($24): This jock from C-IN2’s Filthy collection is designed to look like you’ve been rolling around in a mechanic shop all day. First you work all day, then you work all night.

exotic dancer underwear C-IN2

Nasty Pig Systematic Brief ($25): These bold colored briefs from Nasty Pig’s Systemic collection are perfect for giving off that boy-wonder superhero look that’s always a hit on the bar top.


For more about these brands: Nasty Pig, C-IN2, Andrew Christian, Clever Moda, N2N, Bodyaware, Pump, Male Power, Baskit, Cocksox.

Photo Credits: Nasty Pig, C-IN2, Andrew Christian, Clever Moda, N2N, Bodyaware, Pump, Male Power, Baskit, Cocksox.


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