Summer’s Swim Style: The Sunga

Sunga RufRod

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When you’re tanning at the beach this summer, you might notice a lot of Brazilian-style swimwear and not even know it. The sunga, a Brazilian brief flat in front, tight around the leg and loose around the waist is making a majhor splash. A sunga inspired swim piece is probably something you probably own and don’t know; if you’re a Rio resident, you’ve been wearing one of these for years. We uncovered the story of the sunga, and picked some of our favorite pairs, so that you could be among the trendsetters of the Brazilian men’s swimwear craze.

First, let’s take a look at the Rufskin Ruf-Rod collection. Rufskin swimwear, in collaboration with Brazilian model Rodiney Santiago, introduced the sunga to eager North Americans. Through Santiago’s modeling, we get a chance to see how a real Brazilian rocks the sunga.

“When Brazilians put them on, they can spend many minutes throughout the course of the day adjusting to achieve the perfect look,” Douglas Coates, co-owner of Rufskin swimwear, told The Underwear Expert.  “Our goal is to create the perfect fit to enhance and advertise your junk and showcase your assets. It could be classified as an art.”

“It is a newer style for the Americans and Europeans but still emits a sexy and practical look and feel for the wearers,” Coates added.

Sunga Rufskin

If you want your sunga to come from Brazil,  CA-RIO-CA WEAR has some excellent options that offer consumers a distinctive collection that complements the male physique without being overly revealing. Plus, the brand’s apparel is handmade in Ipanema Beach, so you know you’re getting something authentic.

Sunga Carioca

Also hailing from Brazil is Lupo, a 90 year old company that is devoted to spreading the word about sungas.

“We apply a Brazilian approach to all of our designs,” Malcolm Finlayson, a North American representative for Lupo, told The Underwear Expert. “We like vibrant colors. Brazilians love color because they are always outdoors. We are bringing you the best from Brazil. This collection is an ongoing genesis of Brazilian style.”

Sunga Lupo

Finally, boyRio is another colorful, Brazilian based brand. BoyRio offers a sunga-style underwear in addition to the traditional cut of swimwear. Based out of Rio de Janeiro, boyRio has begun to make a name for itself worldwide as a provider of authentic Brazilian sungas.

“Our customers view boyRio as an investment rather than a purchase,” said owner, David Laing. “Our color combinations and stylish designs aim to appeal to our customers who like unique and classic sophistication without loud colors, padding, or wild prints.”

“We stay true to what it is in Brazil, which is clean. Classic. Very few embellishments,” Laing continued.

A brand representative told The Underwear Expert that customers from all over the world are beginning to embrace the sunga. “Although the North American customer has typically gravitated to a  more swim trunk/baggy boardshort-type swimsuit, this is starting to change rather quickly.”

Celebrity swimwear sightings fans can expect to see more flattering swim briefs including the sunga on famous bodies this summer, according to the brand.

BoyRio 2

Whether you’re from Rio, Miami or Maine, the sunga is a sexy yet relatively modest option that can highlight your most attractive features. Burn those board shorts, and try hitting the beach like a true Brazilian.

For more information on these brands: boyRio, CA-RIO-CA WEAR, Lupo, Rufskin

Photo Credit: boyRio, DNA Magazine, Lupo, Rufskin


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