pullWool: Underwear for the Man on the Go

pullWool-underwear-image-2For a man that lives his life on the go, never knowing exactly when he’ll be home, underwear can be a huge problem. It’s not entirely realistic to have an alternate pair of underwear on you for that unexpected sleepover or impromptu stripping game, so what do you do?

You buy underwear that can stay fit and fashionable from conference room to locker room to bedroom. You get pullWool.

pullWool-underwear-image-1The New York City based and founded pullWool is a fail proof choice for men who don’t exactly know what they’ll be doing post-work when they leave their house in the morning. It’s high-tech merino fabric and trademark ball-pouch™ (more on that later) ensures you’re just as comfortable and fresh in your underwear on your dinner date as you are in your first morning meeting.

The brand makes underwear like its creating fine cuisine – it uses high quality ingredients, smart technology and masterful technique. In talking with Devin Riker, founder of pullWool Studios, about his brand’s vision, it is clear that pullWool has created a notable option for men who want both reliability and comfort, without forfeiting style.

The primary ingredient in pullWool’s innovative underwear is the wool fabric. The company uses merino wool from accredited New Zealand suppliers for a truly exceptional fit and feel. But with merino wool, you get a lot more than that. “Compared with synthetics commonly used in other underwear and base layers, pullWool are uniquely temperature regulating, quick drying, naturally odor free, breathable, and organic,” said Riker.

The brand utilizes another innovation in their underwear as well: the pullWool ball-pouch™. In short, the ball-pouch™ is “an elasticized merino shelf inside the underwear which supports and lifts the package forward while eliminating skin on skin contact,” Riker explained. In addition, the pouch improves temperature control and support and most importantly, reduces abrasion and chafing – two very serious concerns for men on the go.

So what does pullWool mean, anyways? “pullWool is two fold,” Riker explained. “Yes, it’s obviously a pun on the reference to its fabric source–merino wool. However, it’s also a euphemism for having the confidence and know-how to achieve what you want. Whether it be sexually, professionally or athletically, “pulling wool” is going after and attaining your desires.” And with underwear like this, pulling wool these days will be a heck of a lot easier.

pullWool Studios launched the latest line in December of 2012. The brand is still new to the industry, but it’s not wasting any time making a name for itself.

On January 3rd, pullWool began a road trip across the U.S. to test existing and new pullWool creations and to meet with professional ‘extreme sport’ athletes including climbers, trail runners, cyclists, sky divers, skiers, and mountaineers. The trip is reportedly going well, giving pullWool an opportunity to learn what real, active men need from their underwear.

It seems this road trip is a metaphor for the larger goals of the brand, really. In short, pullWool is underwear for men just like them: willing to go on a road trip across the country, eager to innovate and unsure of when they’ll be home next.


For more information about this brand: pullWool Studios

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