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McKillop Move

McKillop U/W, as many of our readers are aware, is a premium underwear brand from Canada. McKillop has gained a reputation for producing high quality underwear that’s designed to be worn “to the opera with a tux.” Over the past three years, McKillop has been operated in Vancouver solely by its owner, Ryan McKillop. Now, he’s taking his business to Mexico, where he intends to stay. It’s clear that the McKillop move is a massive step for the brand and a meaningful statement about its commitment to quality. We had a chat with Ryan McKillop about the company’s immigration.

“Upon our arrival we will have eleven staff helping us out,” said Ryan McKillop. “I know how this sounds, going from one to eleven, but we are not only creating a factory in the Yucatan, we are creating an environment. The entire property that we chose will be utilized for our brand, and maintaining it is essential.” Read more about the move after the jump.

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The brand’s new home will be the city of Merida in the Yucatan. “We were also looking into Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara but it just didn’t have the same feeling as Merida did. The Yucatan has a very unique culture,” commented McKillop.

Part of that unique culture is shaped by the Mayan influence on the area. Merida has a long history of hand crafted quality goods – a history that McKillop is proud to continue. Devoted McKillop fans may see some new Yucatan-influenced products from the brand as well.

McKillop says that he also intends to sell clothes designed for himself. “I am 6’4”, and the Mayan nationals are around 5’ tall so you can guess finding clothing will be hard. I believe I will be making a lot of items for myself, and you will see them appearing in our online area.”

Ryan McKillop isn’t too concerned about the future. He says that his hands are off the wheel, and he’s allowing the brand to grow and develop naturally. At the end of the day, the McKillop move is mostly about exploration.

“Mckillop is less of a brand and more of a journey, nothing is calculated or scripted,” he said. “We don’t try to find manipulations to entice you to buy – we just make great clothes and invite you to participate in the journey along the way. ”

For more information about this brand: McKillop U/W

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