Beware the Ides of March

According to Plutarch, Julius Caesar was warned by a seer that he would be murdered no later than the “Ides of March.” When that date, better known to us as March 15th, finally came, Caesar was walking to the theater of Pompeii. He saw the seer and called to him. “The ides of March have come,” Caesar said, confident that he had outlived the prophesy.

“Aye, Caesar; but not gone,” the seer replied.

Of course, when Caesar arrived at the Theater of Pompeii, he was indeed murdered by Brutus, Cassius, and 60 other conspirators.

If you knew the exact day you were going to die, what underwear would you wear that day? One could argue that it’s important to feel comfortable or to wear your favorite pair. To recognize the Ides of March, we put together a list of five pairs of underwear, each of which could be good enough to wear the day you die. A man must ultimately decide for himself in which pair of underwear he will meet his maker, but here are a few suggestions. To improve on the words of every annoying Latin professor: “Semper ubi bonum sub ubi.”

5. 2xist Gold No-Show Trunk

Make your last hours on earth count with the 2xist Gold No-Show Trunk. It’s classy, cool and dignified – just like a Caesar.

4. Icebreaker Men’s 200 Lightweight Boxer

If your goal is to patronize excellent brands offering high quality design up until the bitter end, then this is the pair for you. There are no bells and whistles, which is great, because you won’t need them.

3. MeUndies Boxer Brief

Perhaps you want to treat your last day as if it were normal. Get up, eat a little oatmeal, make some coffee and pull on one of the best boxer briefs around. MeUndies has perfected the everyday boxer brief, and maybe the brand can help you pretend that it’s just another day in paradise.

2. Whatever the hell this is

You’re gunna die, man. Screw it.

1. Garcon Model Brief

We recently gave the Garcon Model brief our coveted “excellent” rating. It’s a fine pair of underwear. If you’re like us, all you want to die in is a great pair of undies that reminds you of why you loved underwear in the first place.

For more information about these brands: 2xistGarcon ModelIcebreakerMeUndies

Photo Credit: 2xist, Garcon Model, Icebreaker, MeUndies, Vincenzo Camuccini, WarmPresents on Etsy



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