5 Harmless Underwear Pranks for April Fool’s

April Fool’s Day is RIGHT around the corner. Everybody needs at least one good prank to pull and what better prank to pull than an underwear prank? Now, we know what you’re thinking, most underwear pranks out there are just downright gross, rude and mean-sprited. Some suggest dying your friends’ underwear, cutting holes in them, smearing them with nasty substances and other really bad things… Well, fear not reader, we here at The Underwear Expert believe in treating underwear with respect so we’re bringing you our 5 favorite and harmless underwear pranks for April Fool’s Day!

Check out our 5 underwear pranks below, and let us know if you pull of any of them this April Fool’s Day!

#5 The Great Underwear Ball

Does everyone remember making those giant rubber band balls in middle school by tangling together rubber bands all day? Apparently, tons of people have done this to their friends underwear. The guy in the picture below is famous for doing it with bras, but w’re going to go ahead and say briefs and jockstraps work just as well. Do you have access to any of your friends’ or family’s underwear drawer? If so, we suggest you tangle up their day with this underwear prank!

#4 The Underwear Mobile

Okay, so this one takes a little craftsmanship and creativity. If you’ve got unlimited access to pink fabric and frills, we say you need to just go for it and make up a giant thong to put on your friends car. Whoever pulled it off in the photo below did it so well, it looks like the prank-ee can even drive to work with it on their car!

#3 The Good Ol’ Switcheroo

This one also requires access to a friend’s, family member’s, or roommate’s underwear drawer. Imagine their surprise in the morning when you’ve switched out all their underwear with a couple of these crazy knit designs… We suggest playing dumb until the end of the day, so they have no choice but to wear ’em!

#2 Underwear On Ice

Once again, we’re hoping you have access to some prank-able underwear drawers. This one’s pretty simple: all you’ve got to do is wait until your victim falls asleep on March 31st, steal some of their undies, get them all slightly damp, and arrange them nicely folded in the freezer. This is a great way to sabotage your victim’s underwear drawer without actually destroying any of their precious underwear.

#1 The Underwear Daredevil

Are you a real underwear pranking daredevil? Well, if you are, The Underwear Expert’s ultimate prank for April Fool’s Day is to get a pair of tuxedo underwear (perhaps like the ones below) or some other gimmicky underwear and wear them to a social outing! If you’ve got the acting skills, totally play it off as if nothing’s wrong, and say you wanted to dress up for the occasion. This one earns some MAJOR prankster points.

Got any crazy underwear pranks of your own? Let us know!

Photo Credit: Kmart, SFGate, MoyeaMedia, Joe Boxer


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