Nothing’s worse than getting to a party and realizing someone’s wearing the same outfit as you are, but underwear? Well, that’s a way more dramatic and dire tragedy. It happens to the best of us, and believe it or not, it even happens to underwear models themselves. We here at The Underwear Expert have caught some models once again, and now it’s up to you to decide Who Wore It Better! This week we caught a model named Hagen and Adam Coussins sporting a Pump Boom boxer brief. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEE. *erghm* Sorry about that.

First up, we have Hagen. Any man who wants to pull of the Pump Boom boxer brief needs to be just as explosive as the “BOOM!” printed across the right cheek, and Hagen looks pretty explosive to us. What do you think?

Adam Coussins looks caught up with his head in the clouds in this photo shoot with Gilles Crofta. The model’s stoic pose still has a bit of explosiveness to it, no? Adam Coussins certainly takes the cake when it comes to chest hair and ripped abs, but what about those Pump Boom boxer briefs? Do you know Who Wore It Better?

Make sure to do some careful examining of Hagen and Adam Coussins and their explosive Pump Boom boxer briefs (are you an underwear expert, or aren’t you?!) and vote for whoever you think wore it better!

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For more information on this brand: Pump!

Photo Credit: Pump!, Gilles Crofta


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